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How to know if you device has been infested with the deadly HummingBad Malware

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This is another deadly Android Malware which has infected over 10Million Android devices. This malware makes for its creator around $300,000 (£232,000) Monthly.
The malware is a rootkit which installs itself deep inside a phone’s operating system to avoid detection and gives its creators complete control over the handset.

When it’s on a person’s phone, HummingBad installs apps on their device and spies on their browsing habits. It also generates fake clicks for online adverts

How Do I Know if My Android Smartphone is Infected With HummingBad Malware?
If your phone starts displaying unusual advertisements, or you start running out of data on your mobile plan a lot sooner than usual, then you might be infected. But odds are you won’t ever know.

Signs include receiving unexpected “system update” notifications, prompts to install a new app, or finding apps on your phone that you didn’t put there, and your battery that drains more rapidly than normal.

You can also download Avast anti virus, Lookout Security Sofware, 360 Security software and it will detect the Malware.

How to Get Rid of HummingBad Malware?
If you are one of the unfortunate victims of HummingBad malware, the only solutions will be to factory reset your device.

>>  Create a backup of the data and content on your phone or tablet.
>> On your infected phone or tablet, tap on Settings > Backup and reset > Factory Data Reset. The location of Backup and reset will differ on various Android phones and tablets, but it will be relatively easy to find.
>> Tap Reset phone or Reset device. Your device will reboot in Recovery mode and will start wiping your infected phone or tablet.
>> Once your phone or tablet reboots you can start the setup of your HummingBad-free device.

That is it! Sources of the malware comes largely from unverified apps and unprotected website filled with ads. We just have to be careful. 

ref: yomiprof 


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