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How to Make Money Online by Proven Methods of Successful Internet Marketers – Part VI – HP Sales


Technology is moving at the speed of mind. Business is moving at the speed of sales. Online Businesses are the power of both. This is the Sixth in a series of learning the many types of successful online businesses in the age of the internet. This article discusses “High-Powered (HP) Sales Promotions.”

The category “High-Powered Sales Promotions” is a term I use for the “hype” of how to make money on the internet by just joining the “promoters” program for $XX dollars. Be very wary of these “charlatans” who are no more than “wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing”. They are not out there to teach you serious money making techniques or money making methods using a proven money making plan. They are there to simply take your money. Their scams then leave you to figure out how to do what they say is ridiculously simple and that they have seemingly done successfully. All they really have done is succeeded in ripping a lot of people off.

Unfortunately, when financial times are bad people become desperate and as a result fall prey to these “wolves”. They will put on a “paid programming” that will catch your eye while you are up late and can’t sleep and the next thing you fall victim. They put “authorities” on these programs who are nothing more than actors paid to lie and do so with such passion and conviction, how could you not believe? Just ask yourself one simple question as you watch these programs, “if it were this easy wouldn’t everyone be rich? “

The drawbacks to this category for making money on the internet are:

(1) Ethics and being sucked in by people willing to cheat you

(2) Being “promised” by “paid actors” that you will be rich beyond your wildest dreams

(3) Paying monthly fees for a network of information that takes months to decipher

(4) Paying a one time fee for a “new” product that is “guaranteed” or your money back

For anyone interested in easy ways to make money online these “High-Powered Sales Promotions” are not the way to go. Proven ways to make money on the internet require sound business plans with fundamental good business structure. Words, words and more words are just that, words. “High-Powered Sales Promotions” are not the category of supposedly successful internet marketers to make money online by proven successful ways. You have to recognize that systems to make money online are time tested and established. Do your homework before you get sucked in to anything other than a legitimate business opportunity.

Next time, I will discuss “Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)” in the series “How to Make Money Online by Proven Methods of Successful Internet Marketers. This will be Part VII.”

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