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How To Recover Contacts On Smartphones With Google Contacts

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Backup is a highly recommended tactic for anyone in this age of ours. If you are not backing up your current files, a day may come when you will be in a dire situation and you’ll find it hard to wriggle yourself out of it because you’ve failed to make a copy of your most important details.

Be it on phone or system, there’s always a good and affordable way to backup your files. You may not want to backup everything because of the undeniable high cost of doing so but the basic ones like your contacts are much easier to backup. With the help of Google contacts, you can do this much more easily.

How to recover the contacts of your stolen phone with ease

However, thanks to Android, you can now recover up-to-date contacts from their cloud service, even if you do not backup as often as you should.

Sync your contacts

Before you can recover, you need to take medicine so, Before you can recover your contacts from your android phone , ensure that you sync your contacts . This will enable you to access your contacts with your email even if your phone is stolen.

to recover your phone’s contacts, Visit www.google.com/contacts

After the website buffers, enter your Gmail username and password. You must use the Gmail account you used for your android smartphone. you will find all your contacts.
What then?
Restore and download

You can restore your contacts to the last synced version. This is why your phone should be intermittently online. You will not lose any contacts as long as you sync your phone regularly. And the syncing is done automatically unless you switch it off.

You can export all the numbers to your desktop. With the aid of a USB cord, you can transfer the contacts to your phone.

To recover contacts on lost BlackBerry phone

For BlackBerry users, simply log into another Blackberry phone with your email, you will get all your contacts back!

How to Sync Data, Contacts, Emails etc on Android Phones

I have told you the importance of backing up your Android phone and now I’ll be showing you just how to do that.

How to make sure your Android Phone’s contacts are being backed up by Google contacts

To do this, simply

Go to settings

Advanced settings



You’ll see the email addresses associated with your phone. Check to make sure the sync is on and also check the last time your phones contacts were synced. You can stop it or decide what gets synced here!


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