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How to watch YouTube videos without it lagging or buffering on pc

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Wanna watch youtube videos without lagging and buffering on Pc?
Youtube can be very slow and painfully slow here in Nigeria in the absence of good network like 4G.
That doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy your YouTube videos without the rather normal lagging and buffering. I’ll show you how to watch videos on YouTube very smooth and it won’t buffer using your computer .

How to Stream YouTube Videos without Buffering on Pc

The tutorial is based on the two most popular Pc browsers, Mozilla Firefox and Google chrome.

1. Firstly, download the Smartvideo YouTube extension for Chrome browser or
Mozilla Firefox with the links below , and include the extension to your chrome browser or add to your Mozilla firefox browser. If you’re a firefox user, the setup is automated, so you’ll start streaming video with best streaming quality, for chrome users, follow below procedures.

2. After installation, Simply go to YouTube and enter the any video you wish to play, and then navigate your mouse cursor in between videos, you should see a small rectangular box that will be popped below the video.

3. On the box, make sure that the “ smart buffer” box is checked; you can also go to
Global preference and tweak the settings to your taste.

4. That’s it. You can continue your video with high quality streaming level.

Watch and enjoy your videos without any lagging!

Download chrome and Firefox extentions for YouTube and watch videos without lagging on your PC


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