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Increase Conversions Using Simple Video Sales Letters


Online business owners have many different promotion methods they can employ to effectively market their business. So is it still worth the time and effort needed to create a professional video sales letter?

Video sales letters have been around a while now and are considered by many to be a “tried” and “true” internet marketing technique. But with so many new options appearing daily, is this method of promotion still a valid alternative?

I hope to answer that very question by the end of this article.

To begin with, here are just a few reasons why you should still feel comfortable incorporating video sales letters into your online marketing efforts:

Creating video sales letters can be faster and easier compared to writing traditional long copy. Not to mention more and more people prefer seeing and also hearing your message opposed to reading several long pages of text. Making use of video allows you to accomplish this task very quickly and easily.

You do not need to be an excellent copywriter to write a high converting video script. You don’t need to hire a copywriter as video scripts provide a larger margin for “error”. With a video sales letter, all you need is a little creativity and of course, a little technical patient. Even an average video sales letter can have a positive impact on your conversions rate (sign-ups or sales).

Video content also tends to have higher perceived value. This is largely due to the extra time and equipped needed to produce the content. However in reality the video shouldn’t take much longer then a sales letter to create.

Let’s also not forget that video gives you complete control over pacing and the tempo of your sales message. Retaining this control is a major video benefit, traditional long copy sales letters are read at the speed and order the visitor chooses.

Making this kind of campaign shouldn’t be hard at all. In fact, what you will be require (aside from the computer) is a Powerpoint or Keynote (presentation software). Second, you will also need screen capture software, Camtasia studio for PC or Screenflow for Mac are great choices. Lastly, invest a low-cost headset and you’ve get everything needed to get started.

Take a day or 2 and learn the new software. Once you’re comfortable with the new tools you can start making your own slide show presentations.

To conclude, making video sales letters is not as hard as you may think. In fact, the process gets easier and faster each time. If you’re not using video in your marketing process, I highly encourage you to try it out!

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