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Inspiring Innovations You haven’t Heard Of!

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We hope you haven’t missed these inspiring innovation! Don’t worry, there’s so much more in our archives, as we keep you up to speed on the world latest technology news.

1. Using Light as a Therapy for Alzheimer’s diseases!

Remarkable science alert! Scientists have recently found a therapy for Alzheimer’s that uses light to reverse some of the symptoms of the disease

2. Augmented Reality Illusions

Marco Tempest doesn’t do magic… he combines it with “augmented reality”.

3. The Future of Designing Our Enviroment.

Today we meet a team who are working to bridge the gap between nature, technology, and art with hopes for a more beautiful future! Daan Roosegaard’s TED Talk creates a spark that can enlighten us all.

4. Self-Driving Cars

How soon will we all be enjoying the freedom and safety of self-driving cars? Keep calm we almost there already some prototype has been tested!

5. Flying Machines of the future!

How will drones shape, or reshape, possibility in the future? In this beautiful and fascinating TED Talk, innovator Raffaello D’Andrea, along with some of his drones, has made relevant relations that holds great Hope for the future.

6. The Very Human Origins of the Modern Computers!

Did you know, before the invention of programmable computers there were human computers? Let us introduce you to one of those human computers who also played an important role in shaping computers as we know them today.

7. What’s it Like to Live in Space?

We have all dreamed of a life lived in space, but what is that really like? Let’s hear from the astronauts themselves about this extraordinary feat of human.

8. A DIY Smartphone Microscope!

With just a few simple steps and some cheap materials, your phone can help you explore the microscopic world around you! Can you imagine how fun this might be for the kids in your life?

9. Seeing the Brain…With Diapers (What?!)

In a strange twist of fate, neuroscientists discovered that they could be using diapers to see the details of the brain better!

10. Powering Your World with Fish Scales?

Yes, you read that correctly, we can use fish scales to generate power! It turns out those fish you see in the market could be an alternative energy source. Here’s how this alternative energy source could be used in the future!

Guest Post compiled by: Onyeka Chibueze

URL: www.gutsynaij.com.ng


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