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Is Your Device Telling You Low On Storage Space? How To Fix It.


Insufficient storage available’ message. If you’re being told there’s not enough storage space on any device, it might be related to your SD card. Although the new age smart devices now allows SD cards to be formatted as internal memory, there are still apps that cannot be stored on the SD card. 

Head to Settings > Apps. Here, you can press on any app and then tap Storage > Change and select SDCARD. If the SD card option doesn’t appear, it’s because the app cannot be stored there and must remain on your actual internal storage.

If this isn’t the problem, then you need to make some space on your device’s internal memory another way. Clearing app caches is a good place to start. Some devices allow mass cache clearing. Head to Settings > Storage. If you see Cached data here, press it and then press Delete in the dialogue box that appears. 

If you don’t see this option, you will have to go the manual route. Head to Settings > Apps / Application manager and press on any app. Then, select Storage and press Clear cache. You will need to go down your list of apps and clear the cache on as many as you can before you succumb to mind-numbing boredom.

Once you’ve cleared out your caches, there will hopefully be considerably more space. If you still need more, you will have to start uninstalling apps and deleting media. Make sure you backup any files you wish to keep for later, though.

Apps that may not be moved to SD card storage include but not limited to Facebook, Gmail, Google search, Play Store and a host of others. 



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