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Latest Apple iPhone 7 May Support LI-FI Capabilities

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Apple always has surprises in Stock. This may be the latest by the billion dollars company.

We could see Li-Fi on the next iPhone, a Twitter user spotted “Li-Fi Capability” on the iOS 9.1 code fuelling speculations that Apple is already testing the technology on the iPhone 7.

What Is Li-Fi?

Li-Fi is simply the process of transmitting data through light. It is more efficient and effective than Wi-Fi and can technically transmit data 100 times faster than the standard Wi-Fi connection. 

By using LED light bulbs that flash on and off in rapidly, faster than the human eye can see. This way it sends binary information necessary for wireless data transmission.

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At this time, we really don’t know much about the rumoured Li-Fi on Apple iPhone 7. You are advised to retain your scepticism regarding this information since we are unable to get concrete proof that supports it.
However, a Li-Fi technology will dramatically change the way we interact with our phones. We will see the true definition of wireless data internet that happens in the speed of light. What do you think?


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