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Making a First Impression With Window Graphics


In real estate, one of the most important aspects of home sale is the curb appeal of the house in question. In marketing and retail sales, curb appeal is equally important: your window graphics or custom displays are often the first thing a potential customer sees. If they look appealing and professional, the customer is more likely to enter your store and more likely to purchase your merchandise. On the other hand, if your windows have bad large format printing or other design errors, your customers may turn away.

Luckily, with a little time, effort, and attention, you can ensure that your window displays catch the attention of potential customers for all the right reasons. When you devote time to your design and use only the best materials from the most reliable sources, all that extra is reflected in the product you get.

Tools For Extraordinary Window Custom Displays

One of the easiest ways to ensure that your custom displays are interesting and eye-catching is to use window graphics. Whether this means a series of small decals or a large full-coverage graphic, the print will certainly add visual interest.

Window graphics are particularly useful for companies selling products related to travel, or some particular discipline/sport that lends itself to panoramic photography. Many successful businesses have chosen to put window graphics on the outside of their windows, so that the design faces out onto the street. The design they choose represents an aspect of their business, tactfully advertising their services to anyone who passes by.

Large Format Printing in Window Graphics

One of the best features of window graphics is how versatile the medium is. When you are working with a picture to be put on a window, you can include text and other symbols: the technology can easily print them as well. In fact, some business owners choose to ignore traditional “graphics” in favor of large format printing products that put a relatively simple version of the company’s name onto a decal for easy placement.

Even without a graphic component, large format printing has a big impact on passerby. Big letters are attention-grabbing, and intelligent use of colors makes your message pop. Be careful to combine contrasting yet attractive colors, making them both pop while maintaining an overall harmony and enjoyable aesthetic.

Once the Customer Enters the Store

Some businesses make the mistake of creating window displays but ignoring the rest of the shop: there are no point of purchase (POP) displays, nor any interior graphics to speak of. If there is any display signage, it is typically plain and uninteresting. But no matter how many similar custom displays each company employs, they will still retain their problem. Although customers may initially be drawn in by the excellent appearance of the custom displays in the windows, once they enter an uninspired store they will leave again.

Although finding the right window custom displays and coordinating them with the rest of your store can be difficult, the rewards are well worth it: you will have an attractive setting throughout, and your revenue will increase.

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