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Meinungpsplatz Survey: How To Earn Upto €10 Daily On This Surveys For Money Site

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If you have been looking around to search for the latest survey for money sites that pay or to make money online then a Meinungsplatz survey away is one of the platforms that’s why I pay you in euro to bring up your own opinion or answer some simple question on the site. Or you can make up to 10 Euro daily or 50 Euro weekly and €100 monthly on this particular survey paid site. 

Lately, we have been talking about several sites that you can use to make money online or different survey sites that will get you paid for answering surveys which Meinungsplatz is now part of, plus one that will get you paid from doing some easy tax on a daily basis. 

Meinungsplatz survey is somehow related to zap surveys, which this particular form pays you in Europe as you take any service that is available on the platform that allows you to make money online for free. 

About Meinungsplatz Survey

Min survey with an official domain meinungsplatz.de is a platform that wishes to pay people for answering some simple question or sharing their opinion with them which is what we call l survey, you sharing your ideas with this platform can get you paid which is something that will also call survey for money not survey that is free. 

The other name that is given to this platform is also known to be opinion space which is what is called Meinungsplatz, another name, they collect people’s opinions that are specified in different categories according to their profile and reward them for such action or task Whenever they have fully carried out the process. 

Once you access the platform Meinungsplatz you might not get access to some specifics of which some of the products or services are still under construction by their techie. 

What you need to know about the Meinungsplatz survey

Below we will start with some major stuff or something you need to know about Meinungsplatz which we always encourage you to want to take surveys on this platform.

  • Answering surveys on Meinungsplatz platforms can cost a new €1 or 3 per every survey you take on the site. 
  • Every survey that is provided on the platform is free without any charge. 
  • Different products and advertisements will always be renewed on Meinungsplatz survey platforms. 
  • They already have up to 500,000 members that are taking surveys on this platform daily. 
  • A market research industry platform Bilendi GmbH, backed Meinungsplatz which makes it to be legit. 
  • The platform makes your data secure with German data protection laws. 
  • You making use of this site will not allow your daughter to be you and pass advertisements on this platform. 
  • All your information or data will be well secured on Meinungsplatz. 

How to register on the Meinungsplatz survey platform

Before you should go ahead and register on Meinungsplatz.de if you have some other things at the back of your mind that you can’t go ahead and register on the last one because it’s a German platform which is compulsory for you to use some German information that I specify on the platform. 

So you can go ahead to read or get to know what is needed for you to be able to gain access to the survey platform and get paid for answering your survey. 

The registration process is also something related to the sign-up process which will be making a list of what you will need before you will be able to complete your sign-up process on a Meinungsplatz survey. 

  • A good license VPN will be needed, a strong VPN you can download from here and switch to the German server. 
  • A browser that enables language translating is recommended way you can use a Chrome browser to access the site.
  • When you are signing up make sure you use a German phone number which you can get here. 
  • Use the address that you get from the above site will you be making use of an address related to a place in Germany.
  • A zip code will be needed which you can also get from the above-provided link. 

All information you will be getting from the platform that we stated above should be taken note of, especially the zip code because you will be asked about it once you’re about to answer some questions on the Meinungsplatz survey site. 

How to sign up for the Meinungsplatz survey

Make sure you read this article from the beginning Tony and so as not to skip any information that we are going to be providing about the Meinungsplatz survey. 

You can go ahead to visit the site by clicking here to start your registration process if you are from Germany. 

But if you’re not from Germany follow up with the below process. 

  1. Get yourself a VPN as stated above you can download one from here if a strong VPN is recommended. 
  2. After you download and install the VPN go ahead and connect to the Germany server that you can see on the VPN. 
  3. Now visit all the survey platforms by clicking here Meinungsplatz survey platform. 
  4. Your gender-required name, email, and password only provided a box using your main information. 
  5. The German you get from the site stated above cannot be provided which enters your phone number German phone number. 
  6. Net by your German address and the zip code which you can get from here. 
  7. Once all the information has been provided you cannot go ahead to click on create an account. 
  8. Make sure you take note of all information that you will not need to verify your email. 
  9. Once your email is verified what is to login to the survey and complete your profile so has to be up to take any survey on the Meinungsplatz platform. 

There is something they call the profiles on Meinungsplatz which will allow you to be eligible for different kinds of surveys or related surveys that will suit your profile so you will need to complete the profile so you have to unlock the surveys. 

How to complete your profile on the Meinungsplatz survey

Once you finish with the sign-up process for the registration process above, log in to the Meinungsplatz survey platform and scroll down on the platform. 

Click on the customer a B button that we find on the menu. 

Keep answering every required pool or any details that you are asked for until you reach the profile section. 

Make sure you answer every question to make your profile be 100% which way allows you to get different kinds of surveys. 

Meinungsplatz referral

 Upgrading your Meinungsplatz account to 100% we are now using you to gain access to more features or unlock many survey features that you can get with the next option is to add your withdrawal account to the platform. 

How to log into your account

The email you use to register and the password that doctor I did on his final process is what you will use to log in on the Meinungsplatz survey platform. 

Or what you need to do is to click here to visit the site. 

Once you get there you can now click on the profile icon that you can see on the right corner of the survey site. 

Then you will be asked to provide your email and password. I click on the register button so I’m still logged in. 

Make sure you always use the translation said you can find on Google Chrome to translate a language from German to English that’s why we recommend making use of a Chrome browser to access this website or platform. 

How to complete polls (Surveys) on Meinungsplatz

The survey is also called polls on Meinungsplatz survey which is what we want you to know about. I want you to know how you can complete every poll on this platform. 

But you should also have it at the back of your mind that once you complete your profile and everything has been worse to Dead on Meinungsplatz you will always be notified either through email or SMS when you have any survey available on your account.

Survey or poll Billy provided to you whenever they find the one that matches your place of residential gender or age which will make them notify you of such whenever they find anyone suitable for your account according to the details that you provide. 

The amount of survey you answer and how long it is will determine the amount that you can or that you will be paid. 

  • Remember to always connect your VPN to Germany before you access the survey site. 
  • Click on the menu icon to locate available surveys that have been notified to your account. 
  • Select my poll from the option provided on the menu. 
  • Then check your available polls section to see the surveys that they have provided for you. 
  • Which survey will be listed there attached with their amount.
  • Can I use the participate button to start answering and earn myself some euros. 
  • Is it called that you used to register earlier is what you need to feel here which will be asked of. 
  • Once you complete the survey your reward will be added to your balance. 

How to refer your friends on the Meinungsplatz survey

You will get your son paid 3 Euros per every successful referral you make on the Meinungsplatz survey platform, which can be done by using Meinungsplatz as a referral link, and you can get your referral link by following the below process. 

  • Once you log in to your Meinungsplatz account, click on the main menu icon. 
  • Select the menu and invite friends. 
  • Go through the referrer terms and conditions carefully. 
  • Scroll down below to get your referral link.

In summary, the terms and conditions of the referrer for the Meinungsplatz survey stated that you will be credited €3 once the person you refer takes three different or has completed three different surveys on the platform and they have added their bank details on their Meinungsplatz account. 

How to withdraw from the Meinungsplatz surveys

As per the policy of the Meinungsplatz survey you will be able to withdraw once you reach 15 euros which is the Minimum withdrawal that is stated on the platform which you can use a physical or virtual European euros bank account to withdraw on the platform. 

If you are from Germany or a resident of Germany it will be easy for you to get yourself a physical European bank account. But if you are not one and you wish to withdraw your money from many surveys then you can get yourself a Grey virtual European euro bank account by just using the mobile app that you can get either on the Google Play store or app store. 

Once you get a grey European euros account go to your Meinungsplatz account. 

I like the menu icon and click on Money Credit. 

Under the balance section, on your grey European euros account copy your IBAN, BIC Swift, and name. 

Meinungsplatz withdrawal

Feel it in your Meinungsplatz bank account section and confirm your bank details. 

So once you reach the Meinungsplatz minimum withdrawal balance of 15 euros you can now go ahead to the manicurist section and request withdrawal on your Meinungsplatz account. 

Meinungsplatz surveys
Meinungsplatz survey

Final say

Meinungsplatz platform is a survey platform with all pics of a platform that asks every one of their participants for answering some certain question or bringing up their own opinion on some particular products. 

You are a user or a participant of the platform and will get paid if you complete any type of survey that is provided for your account which tags the platform to be legit and one of the currently paying survey sites that you can see or find out there. 



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