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Motocross Apparel and Clothing – Ride Your Bike in Style


There are various brands supporting motocross riders and sponsoring motocross bikers and there are even more brands that produce the clothing for these riders and their fans. The motocross clothing lines are very famous and have the company logos imprinted on it, which is supported by the motocross bikers like Thor, Alpinestar, FOX etc.

Motocross clothes are very different from other apparels because it provides the riders with safety and the freedom of movement. FMX riding, particularly with its dangerous stunts, requires the bikers to have free movement, but also needs strong protective gears since there is high possibility that the rider may fall or crash with other bike. An extreme sport, Freestyle Motocross was introduced in the X games in 1999.

A sport like this, which is very dangerous, requires the biker to wear protective clothing and apparel every time. Let us look at the vital motocross gears and clothing that riders have to wear:


Tees or t – shirts are an essential item of clothing where any motocross riders fan is involved. Comfortable, loose t-shirts with funky sayings or graphics or prints create an impressive statement and are best to wear to see your favorite FMX biker perform on the circuit. Almost every brand has its own line of t-shirts for youngsters, women and men. Therefore, what are you waiting for? Go and get a t-shirt for yourself right now.


Shoes for motocross riders can be knee length or ankle length, lace up or slip on and are available in many materials such as vinyl, canvas or leather. Teaming them with jeans, dresses, casual shorts etc can make you look completely different from other riders. There is large variety of funky hand painted canvas shoes that you can get customized in any manner you want. You can easily get cool hand painted shoes with different designs to make a cool statement.


Unlike other jackets, sports jackets adds unique cool quotient to any casual clothing. Nowadays, almost every motocross gear, apparel or clothing manufacturers make these cool sports jackets. They also make casual fleece jackets that provide comfort and warmth as opposed to the other leather jackets or jackets made of other materials. You can get these jackets in cool and funky colors so that you can make a bold statement.

Face Shields:

Face shields protect your face from stones, as you will be riding your bike at a very high speed. Following are some features of face shields: Colored face shields during the day are prefect choice; however, you will need clear glass shields during nighttime. At times, you can get them attached to the helmet or you can flip them on and off the face and helmet. They protect your face and eyes.

Always purchase those shields that are impact resistant and scratch resistant. There is a high probability that scratch surfaces may blur your vision. So, the next time you decide to shop for motocross apparel, do consider the above-discussed options.

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