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New Method To Accumulate Upto 5gb on Airtel With N500

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I have been searching for new ways to browse at a cheaper rate on Airtel, but all my efforts seemed to come out void, not until recently that I stumbled upon a new method to accumulate Airtel’s 1gb for N100. So earlier this week I started working on the Airtel plan and now am enjoying it. You can accumulate the GBs and use it at once to download Heavy Files and even use it on your PC, or just use it with ease. If you are not farmiliar with the plan just continue reading.

NB: The plan is only meant to be used during weekends.


==> firstly to make sure that your Sim is Eligible, Dial *474*1# if you they reply that your Balance is low then you are Eligible, but if you are not Eligible they will say that you are not Eligible.

==> Now recharge your Line with Airtime N100 and dial *474*1# to subscribe for it.


Now the good thing about this is that you can Accumulate the Data till it Gets to Weekend.

Now here is how to do it.

==> Starting From Monday – Friday.
when you subscribe Everyday with N100 , your Data will be accumulated (Monday to Friday =>5GB (N500) #Making sense right?

I was Able to Accumulate mine for 4 Days.


1. Are all Simcards eligible? 
My Answer is NO, the most eligible sim are especially the Old Sims, or sim that function well on the airtel network.
*Although I have heard rumors that if you are on Airtel’s 2good tariff plan, you have a higher chance of being eligible. To migrate dail *422#.

2. Does it work On Friday?
No, although it supposed to work on Fridays. but it not working.

3. Do i Need any other VPN?
You don’t need any VPN to browse with is.

4.Does it work with PC via Modem?
Yea! It works perfectly on Pc when you use Modem.

5. Does it work with PC via Hotspots? 
Yes! Also works via Hotspot and you can tether it to as many device you phone can take.

6. Is it Speed Throttled?
No, there is nothing like Speed throttling on this one, except the Airtel Network ain’t good in your Area.
Check out my own Download Speed.

7.How do I Check my Balance? 
To check your Balance Kindly dial *140#.

If you are still having any confusion whatsoever, ask me By leaving a comment below & also Share to your Friends using the tweet button!


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