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Nintendo DS For Cheap: How Low Can You Buy A Nintendo DS For?


Looking to buy a Nintendo DS for cheap? It’s no wonder, the Nintendo DS has been Nintendo’s most popular video game platform to date – even rivaling the Nintendo Wii. We will discuss these topics as well as some of the things to look for when buying this popular gaming device.

Since the release of the original Nintendo DS in 2004, this system has been the best-selling portable console across all the hand-held video game systems. One of the reasons for this is because of Nintendo’s main audience – which happens to be a primarily younger crowd.

The sleek and sophisticated design of the mini platform has two screens that utilizes both a regular control pad as well as touch screens that utilizes a pen with touch sensitivity. This small pen manipulates the interface and most of the game play resembling a somewhat of a palm pilot looking device for its younger generation of users.

The original Nintendo DS has been discontinued from current manufacturing and has since been replaced by two other Nintendo DS Models. Depending on which type of system you buy will greatly determine its features as well as its price.

The first is the Nintendo DS Lite.

This hand-held video game system is the smallest, most basic, and least expensive of the devices. As with all Nintendo DS’s, it features built-in Wi-Fi, so you can compete against players in another room – or another country. The Nintendo Ds Lite also has an additional port for the Game Boy Advance allowing you to play games from the Game Boy Advance system as well.

The Nintendo DS retails in stores for $129, however you will be able to find some deals on-line that sell new ones for a little less. Additionally you will be able to find quality used ones for under $80.

Next is the Nintendo DSi. This system is the most current and it is also the most popular.

The Nintendo DSi is loaded with powerful features like two built-in cameras that allows you to edit and send photos to friends. It also can also play back your music and record your voice with Nintendo DSi Sound. However, you can do much more on this system than just these things such as search and download games directly from the DSi Shop and browse the Internet with the Nintendo DSi Browser.

A new Nintendo DSi ranges from $149 – $169 depending on what size of model you get. The Nintendo DSi XL is basically the same as the original DSi, however it has an extra large wide-screen, and also comes with three pre-installed DSiWare game titles. If you are thinking about buying a used system you can usually find one starting under $110.

So where can you buy a Nintendo DS for cheap?

You will be able to have much more luck if you buy from a reputable on-line merchant than you would be trying to find one that is local. Sites like eBay or Craigslist might have some cheaper systems for sale. However, the items that are listed on sites such as these will typically be from a regular person trying to get rid of something that they once previously owned to make a quick and easy dollar.

It’s not to say that you can’t find quality deals here, it just has a higher likelihood that the quality of the device might not be in top condition, and could even be defective or broken.

Most people who shop on-line for deals ( especially in dealing with electronics ), do not typically buy from on-line classified vendors when looking for quality and assurance.

The best way to get a good deal on a Nintendo DS or any electronic device is to buy from sites that work with the original company who manufactures that product – in this case it would be Nintendo Inc. This way you are buying from a company who offers new and used items that they have manufactured, instead of a small business or a regular person where the item most likely has exchanged hands several times before.

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