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Now You Can Transact Seamlessly With Cryptocurrency Using PayPal

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PayPal had made announcements of plans to embed cryptocurrencies as a form of payment, and now, the online payment app announced US customers can do just that with its “Checkout with Crypto” feature. 

Afer rolling out the ability for US users to buy and sell cryptocurrency directly from their accounts last November, PayPal’s new “Checkout with Crypto” allows users to instantly convert their Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or Bitcoin Cash to US dollars (with no additional transaction fees) that PayPal then uses to complete the transaction. 

If a merchant doesn’t take US dollars, PayPal also converts those dollars into local currency at standard conversion rates set by PayPal. PayPal will support several types of cryptocurrency, including Ethereum and Bitcoin.

The feature will automatically appear in the PayPal wallet if a user has a “sufficient cryptocurrency balance to cover an eligible purchase,” and you’ll be able to see your crypto balances for each kind of coin in the app. However, you can only use one type of cryptocurrency for each purchase you make.

PayPal isn’t the main installment application to offer help for cryptographic money. In 2018, its rival, Square, dispatched support for Bitcoin on the Cash App. However, the dispatch of cryptographic money as a type of installment makes PayPal both a significant computerized wallet and a digital currency trade, which could smooth out the utilization of digital money as a more normal installment strategy.


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