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NowNow App: Get N500/1GB Free Bonus

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You might have been hearing about this app all seeing it up all over the internet which is called nownow app, fine you don’t need to worry about anything again you are about to learn everything you need to know about the app and how you can get yourself free 500 + 1 GB worth of data that can be from this now now app as a bonus. 

In summary, the Nownow app is just a normal mobile application that is designed to be a mobile banking app that can help you to send, receive and make internet subscriptions, cable subscriptions, TV payments, and so on and so forth. 

The platform saved my operation for quite a long time but the registration bonus or sign-up bonus of 500 Naira makes it seem to be more popular now which also makes us wish to look into this particular app. 

About NowNow App

This particular platform is called the Nownow up and seems to make the internet banking service to be expressed in Modern Ways as you said earlier they provide you with ways that you can use to send and receive money which is known to be banking plus other ways that you can also use the platform to pay for your data subscription pay for cable and some other things. 

They have embedded on your mobile app some great features that will make internet banking activities easier for you which you can look into once again access to the app yourself. 

Basic features of Nownow App

There are some extraordinary features that you found on the Nownow app which will always make you want to visit the app on a casual basis. They have combined the way of making internet banking straightforward and flexible for their uses. You can check into some of their features below. 

Faster payment of bills

One of the great features that we find on another app is a process that is used to pay your bills which you can get done within just a second by using the payment method of the payment area section provided on the app. 

Airtime/Data Payments Process 

About making payment for some other bills you can now go ahead to recharge your mobile with airtime or get your data subscription done on the 9now app which can also be carried out on their official mobile app using your mobile phone once you are all once you are a member of the platform. 

Sending And Receiving Of Money (Banking) 

The main purpose of this app is to help make banking easier. Now the app has also attached the fishes that will help you to send and receive the money within a short time without any delay meant off server downtime or related issues that you might be facing or in your local bank. 

Nownow App Cashback Features 

Apart from making use of this platform to make payments, and send and receivemoney you will also get a cash buyer for every successful transaction that you make on the app which you can get from using any of your local bank accounts. 

You will be given a certain gift, reward, or coupon to use once you carry out any transaction on the app. 

There are some other great features that you can get or see on Nownow app which you will get to know more about them once you gain access to the up yourself some other related features that you can find on it is to request money from your friends with all that related app like the abeg app and all the others these features for their uses so stick around to the end of this article to know how you can gain access to the app. 

Features of Nownow App

  • Free translation of notification features. 
  • Fully secure transactions made go through the app. 
  • Convenience in sharing money between friends and relatives. 
  • NowNow App Bonus (Registration/Signup Bonus)

Nownow app bonus is what you will get once you successfully gain access or register to the app, which is why we call it a registration bonus or a signup bonus. 

You will be given a whopping amount of 500 nairas or a data plan of 1 GB. I want to see you complete your registration using their mobile app. 

How to register and get my Nownow Sign Up Bonus

You will need to carry out a certain process or certain registration process on the Nana mobile app which you can get from the Google Play store. 

  • Click here To download the app straight from Google Play store apps or search for the app on the store. 
  • Once you download the app make sure it has been installed on your device or mobile device. 
  • Open the app I’m feeling the box that is provided for phone number click on enter to receive OTP. 
  • An OTP pin or gold will be sent to the phone number you provided on the box. 

Once you provide the OTP then you have just completed your respiration process on the now app then you will be notified with the signup bonus of N500 as shown below. 

How to fix Nownow app not receiving OTP issue

Since most people have noticed about the Nownow app bonus or sign-up bonus, most people have been having the issue of not receiving OTP once they provide their phone number. 

Unfortunately, any issue cannot be resolved by following some of these easy processes. 

If you are not receiving any OTP once you provide your phone number on the mobile app you can use the alternative method to get your OTP via voice call. 

Or you use the minimize or close button available on your mobile phone to minimize or close the app once that is done go ahead to open it again then you will see that you have successfully registerered on the app. 

But still, the minimize and closed method does not work for most people so if you try and get your OTP for the first time and you did not receive any SMS text for OTP then you can try the voice call option and if that does not work for you then you can just keep trying so as to get your personal OTP to claim your own bonus. 

How to redeem your bonus from Now now app

The reward on bonus that is provided by the app cannot be withdrawn to your local bank account for you can use it to purchase data or airtime on the app by following a process that is provided on how you can buy data Nownow App. 

Below the section will provide a new way that you can use to buy data and airtime on Nownow app which you can use in general to purchase any data or airtime you want to buy on the app so still stick to the end of this article. 

NowNow App bonus

How to buy airtime on Nownow app

In case you want to buy airtime on an app using the bonus you get or you want to buy the airtime in general you can follow up on the process below. 

  1. Once you login to the app or your account in Look on the top area of the app. 
  2. Click on the buy airtime button and input your phone number. 
  3. Input the amount of airtime you want to buy. 
  4. The phone number that you want to use to buy airtime can be any specific phone number. 
  5. Find and select the network provider,  on the next page. 
  6. You can send it to pay with your bonus all the doctors from your balance. 
How to buy data with nownow app

After you select that immediately you will see a location that is stating that you have just purchased an amount of airtime using the mobile app. 

How to buy data on Nownow app

  • Once I want to gain access to the app still on the top area of the name menu click on buy data. 
  • Input the phone number you want to purchase data to and select the network provider.
  • Choose your preferred data plan, he will see you on the list 300 for 1 GB, etc. 
  • After you select your preferred data plan, on the next page you cannot select pay with bonus. 

Final Say

This article talks more about nownow app which you will get to know almost everything that the mobile app is capable of and what you can use it for. 

But for now, I’m always the go-ahead to how you can claim you’re or get your nownow app sign-up bonus. You can still come back and look into some more related articles. 



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