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Office Hoteling System and the Mobile Workforce Software Monday


Traditional office set up is no longer working for some tech-savvy and mobile workers. Companies are looking into transitioning their traditional office space to open floor plan set up like in Facebook, Apple, Google, Yahoo, Citi, Lego, and most contact centers where they implemented an open office layout.

Workforce software Monday.com is a project management software company that provides a wide range of tools, services and features to assist its customers in managing their projects and work flows. Even newcomers to project management software will have no difficulty using Monday.com. 

The software company is known for giving a free trial to organizations to try out their technology before signing up. You may invite employees and allocate them to specific projects once you have signed up for a Monday.com account.

With this software, there’s is a certainty to allocate a visual scheduling interface and flexible workflows to organize work. Additionally, this firm connects to other platforms to enhance its functionality.

DeskFlex office hoteling system and remote agile worker schemes provide a concrete basis for increased employee productivity and reduce costs on real estate spendings. If you consider adopting the open office floor plan for your company, the key to office management success is a combination of a proactive approach and the right office hoteling software.

The office hoteling system provides the flexibility that most agile workers seek from their employment, and in so doing boosts the workforce software Monday productiveness.

Employee Empowerment

Several room booking software developers will offer ease of use of their desk hoteling software. DeskFlex provides a variety of access to employees. The DeskFlex desk hoteling system allows administrators and workers to choose their workstation for the day, a week, or when needed.

Administrators can create tiers to enable some employees only to make a meeting room and conference room reservation. Users can access calendars and everyday office productivity tools with DeskFlex room booking software integrations.

Employees can make reservations through their web browsers, company network systems, and downloadable mobile apps. They can create team meetings or company events via Outlook, MS Exchange, and Office 365 integrations and send invites through email and text messages.

Space Visualization

Remote workers will be able to make workstation reservations using a 3D floor plan map that DeskFlex office hoteling can provide. The interactive chart can show color-coding dots that indicate the real-time availability of the desk or office space.

Reports and Analytics

DeskFlex office hoteling software can generate the reports and analytics of your mobile workforce’s activities as they check-in and check out of the office. From this general report, site administrators can determine which areas in the office are high on demand and which workstations are underutilized.

Optimize Your Real Estate

Organizations will be able to visualize which spaces need to upgrade, improve, downsize, or removed using DeskFlex office hoteling software. With data from your remote and flexible employees, you can improve space utilization according to employee activities. When your agile workers come into the office to collaborate more, you can remove cubicles and increase collab spaces, coworking spaces, and virtual phone booths.

Mobile Apps for the Mobile Employee

Mobile apps provide more flexibility to your ever-dynamic teams. With DeskFlex hoteling management, users can monitor available hoteling space and make room and equipment reservations right with just a few taps. The DeskFlex mobile app can also provide a QR code for the employees to scan on the FlexCube to enable contactless check-in and check out of the office. The DeskFlex mobile app can likewise sync with Bluetooth beacons for easy desk check-in.

DeskFlex desk hoteling software provides the total office management solution that companies need. Whether they have permanent employees or remote workers in their organization, they can optimize their office resources using the DeskFlex office hoteling system.

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