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Oil Rigs & Offshore Oil Sector Jobs in the Middle East


Middle East is the leading oil producing region in the world. There are various petroleum fields both offshore and onshore. Countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and others cater to a major portion of the world’s oil demand.

With increasing worldwide petroleum consumption, various new wells are being drilled both onshore and offshore. More refineries are being set up and the existing ones are being expanded. There are hundreds of thousands of jobs for engineers, general workers and other skilled persons in the middle east oil sector. The workers come from all over the world to work here. This is a highly rewarding career. There are various international oil companies drilling wells and various oil rigs. There is always a strong demand for engineers, managers and general workers. Thousands of jobs are currently available in this sector for various tradesmen.

Both experienced and fresh graduates are hired as engineers and managers. It is not easy for you to apply to every major oil company in the Middle East countries yourself. Many times your resume may not be actually read. Use the offshore oil employment service to get your resume blasted to hundreds of multinational companies in the Middle East and elsewhere worldwide which are currently hiring people for various positions. You even get professional cover letter making assistance and be assured that your resume will reach and be considered by the leading companies and real hiring agencies for the middle east jobs.

Get your resume blasted now. Go to an Oil Sector Employment service for that. Succeed in your job hunt. Be prepared for various interview calls by multinational companies now that you have sent your resume to all major companies.



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