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Pick 3 Logic – Behind the Scenes


Pick 3 lottery game has now become popular among many states. It is easy and relatively thrilling. People seem to be drawn to this because there is, as a matter of fact, a higher chance of winning. Compared to the 6/49 lottery, although it has a higher prize at stake, the chances are higher when only 9 digits are involved. The Pick 3 logic is all about prediction. And with more and more systems developing, the odds of winning are even higher. More and more people are joining in this lottery game. And we all know what this means, higher pool prize.

Some people completely rely on luck in choosing the number combinations. Others simply pick their favorite dates, or choose a group of numbers they last saw on their bus stop. It really is up to you. The numbers are indeed random, but believe it or not, there is some math to it. You could easily increase your chance of winning by making use of lottery software. Although it does not guarantee you to be a winner, technology can help by weeding out the recently drawn numbers. Studying and simple awareness is required. And so is a little bit of Pick 3 logic. Just think about this, would you really bet on a number combination that was just drawn yesterday? I don’t think so. Put a bit of effort into it, it is not only luck that can make you win. There are basic things you can do.

First of all, quit the guessing game. Get a pen and some piece of paper. Make a record of the previous drawn combinations. That way you can avoid unnecessary repetition. And when it comes to playing your bets, learn the stats needed. If you bet on a single number for 100 consecutive times, you are really better off betting on 100 combinations in one draw.

You also have to know what 3-Way and 6-Way are. You should know this to have better bets. A 3-Way means that you have chosen a combination that has 2 numbers alike. And with a simple permutation, you will find out that there are only 3 other ways to combine the chosen numbers. For example, 266, it would have 266 – 662 – 626. When it comes to a 6-Way, it would indicate that you chose 3 different numbers. With 3 varying numbers, you will get 6 ways to combine the numbers. For example, 264, it has 264 – 462 – 624 – 642 – 246 – 426. The prize payouts are of course not the same for 3-Way and 6-Way. When you place a bet on a 3-Way number with lesser combinations, the chances of winning are longer. You could also simply buy from a computer automated system if you don’t want to have to choose the numbers. This is the simple Pick 3 logic. Although you should not rely on this game to earn money, it could serve as your recreational activity. And not to mention the profits of lottery will go to funding improvements made for the community in your state.

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