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Play a Game – Your Mind Will Thank You!


The New England Journal of Medicine

Research from the New England Journal of Medicine found that playing board games, cards and participating in leisure activities may lower the risk of dementia. The Conclusions of the study indicated participation in leisure activities is associated with a reduced risk of Dementia, even after adjustment for base-line cognitive status and after the exclusion of subjects with possible preclinical Dementia. Vinkers D. J., Gussekloo J., Westendorp R. G.J., Epstein E. F., Verghese J., Kuslansky G., Lipton R. B. The Amazing Health Benefits of these types of games for Adults as Well as Kids. June 13, 2003. Accessed May 16, 2009. (content.nejm.org/cgi/content/abstract/348/25/2508)

Board Games, Cards, and Leisure Activities

Participating in leisure activities and games; such as, Chess Sets, Checkers Games, Backgammon Games, Mah Jong Games or card games such as poker stimulate and challenge the brain. Keeping the brain active helps to lower the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia.

Kids and Alzheimer’s/Dementia

Help your child get started toward being a healthy senior. Exercising your child’s brain now will not only help them in school, but will also prepare their brain for later in life. Playing a board game with the family will help your child develop the skill of problem solving and logic.

Stress Reliever

Playing board games or cards is a great stress reliever. Stress has been linked to Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Relaxation releases a chemical in the brain which aides in brain development. As you get older, stress from your job, money and many other factors block the area of the brain that requires analytical thinking that you get when playing board games and poker.

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