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Rest And Drugs, Which Of Them Is Really Needed By The Body?

From experience, it has been established that sleep is best known Antidote to countless number of sicknesses. Many relapsing sicknesses, stresses & even illnesses has suddenly devolved into tin air after a protracted sleep induced rest. 
Unfortunately human being in his characteristic deposition to disobey every law or instructions has rather than religiously adhere to this all important divine orders, has rather instituted his own idea of dealing with his body ailments through the invention & production of drugs as a palliative measure to deal with his body malfunctions.
We have been thoroughly inundated with advertisements real & mundane from drug specialists in all available media outfits  regarding the efficacy of their drugs. Thus they treacherously inform their listeners & viewers that they have the capacity to handle & cure every imaginable ailments including stresses & common body weaknesses. This is most preposterous & despicable. 
They bluntly refuse telling the gullible public the simply truth for fear of loosing their investment & outrageous profits. They wickedly simile to banks while their innocent but helpless & hapless brothers & sisters die daily of self inflicted diseases.
Daily dreadful & virtuous Shylocks in our midst are parading themselves as medics. Its expedient to advice all & sundry in the society to avail themselves of this proven natural method of remaining healthy & alive. Determine today to start having plenty of rest & sleep. Its free & inexhaustible.
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