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SaleHoo As a Dropshipper – Learning About SaleHoo As a Your Drop Shipping Company


Where would you look for a wholesaler that will drop ship products? Do you know how to find a reputable wholesaler? Do you know where to find out about the wholesaler you chose to use?

There are so many wholesalers, such as Salehoo, that will do drop shipping, it may boggle you mind. The internet is the best source to find the names of wholesalers you want to research. The best recommendation for a wholesaler is word-of-mouth, but you may not have someone you can talk to. Although it may be risky, looking on the internet for the information you need may be the only way you have to go.

Find a list of wholesalers on an internet directory. Google drop shippers like Salehoo or product sources to find lists of names to begin with. If you are serious about building your business, finding a drop shipping company that will supply your customers with quality products is critical. Now, at the beginning of your business, is the time to be sure that the suppliers you chose are reputable and helpful to you building your business.

Does the wholesaler that you are considering offer a guarantee? Will they stand behind the products they send to your customers? When you communicate with them, do they have an attitude of helping you or just getting your money? How long have they been in business? Ask the wholesaler for names of people that have been buying from them. If they know they will be recommended to you by their customers, they will give you their names. Also, request a Salehoo catalogue and note the time it takes for the catalogue to reach your home. It may be a good idea for you to order a few of the products you are interested in. Note the time it takes to reach your home and the quality of how it is packaged. Does the product look as nice when you receive as it does in the picture? Try to return something so you will know first hand if the drop shipping company is helpful and willing to take the product back.

While researching drop shipping companies and wholesalers, note their return policy. Your reputation as a business person may depend on the wholesaler standing behind their products. You can accept a returned product from your customer, but if this happens time and time again, it can cut into your profit margin.

The internet gives you the means to find out about wholesalers and their reputation. Your business will depend on you being able to trust the wholesaler. If you ask the drop shipping company to send products to your customers, you have to depend on them to send it within a reasonable amount of time. Customers are very hard to get back when they have been neglected or did not receive the product they were expecting. There are a number of competitors that will fill your customer’s orders, if they receive bad service from you. When I say you, your customer is not seeing or dealing with the drop shipping company, they are communicating with you and expect you to be responsible for delays or poor products. Customers can be critical when they have paid money for a product that does not arrive. Customers also expect you to explain why the product is not as you advertised it too. If you are unable to depend on your drop shipping company, you may be “shooting yourself in the foot.” Doing your homework at the very beginning will only insure that your business will grow without the problem of finding a new drop shipper after you are well into bui

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