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Salehoo Wholesale Dropshipping – Advantage & Disadvantages of Paying For a Salehoo Membership


If you are still wondering why the industry of online business continues to have a growing number of sellers, this may be attributed to the fact that there is also a steady rise of increase of people who are able to close wholesale dropshipping deals. In a nutshell, wholesale dropshipping means buying chosen products from wholesale suppliers at the best wholesale rate, then commission the dropshippers to take care of the delivery and shipping details. Here you see why there is a great potential in terms of consistent expansion, because there is considerably less overhead expense and less work for the sellers to do.

This gives wholesale dropshipping a picture of less cost, which generate higher profits with most business ease for the sellers. However, access to a credible list of wholesale dropshipping companies such as the SaleHoo directory comes with a price. Is the $70 membership fee worth it? Let us take a closer look at it today.

For sure, there are directories that come at a cheaper rate, some even offer a very minimal one-time fee for unlimited access. You see, it surely takes money to maintain a big network of credible wholesale dropshipping companies, after all, these legitimate companies do not readily join any network for security reasons, too. Much as a seller would not like to transact with a bogus supplier, these wholesale giants are also protecting themselves from receiving scam orders from fraudulent sellers. To achieve this, a credible listing needs to maintain partnership with these wholesale suppliers.

It is really impossible to have access to a credible listing at $5, add to it maintenance for the page, resource links available, experts who are on standby for quick questions from members, do the math and it will simply tell you that a $5 sign up rate may be too good to be true. It is a rip off waiting to happen. If you want to develop the real business sense, then go with deals that are realistic and those that do not pressure you to make quick decisions just because the deal may not be available anymore. You want to end up with a list that is regularly updated so you will not have to worry about transacting with a company that is no longer in business.

But there is always two sides of a coin, there is also a disadvantage to having access to a big network of dropshippers. Since they have a listing of more than 8,500 companies, be on the lookout for wholesale suppliers and recognize them from regular suppliers. Yes, the list is 100% legitimate but it is your responsibility to ask for wholesale dropshipping contract from each supplier since not everyone offers one.

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