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Scrabble Words With Q In Them But Not U


If you have ever played the popular word / board game Scrabble, you probably realize that the letter Q is always a challenge to use. This is because there just aren’t that many words that use the letter Q in them and almost all of the ones that do require the letter U to go with it. To help you become a better Scrabble player, here are some tips for playing words with this challenging letter and a list of words to get you started.

There are 20 words that you can use while playing that have a Q but don’t have a U in them. Here is the list. Qophs, Tranq, Qaid, Qats, Qoph, Qat, Qindarka, Qindars, Qintars, Qwertys, Faqirs, Qanats, Qindar, Qintar, Qwerty, Sheqel, Tranqs, Faqir, Qaids and Qanat.

As you can see there aren’t very many of them, if any at all, that you have ever even heard of. Don’t worry, as most other people haven’t either. Because of this you will have to memorize them so you can start looking for places to use them in your next game.

The best way to memorize them is to write them all out on a list by hand while spelling them out loud. Then re-write the list a few times while spelling them each time. As you work at this you will eventually start remembering them. Keep doing this until you have them all down.

Though it may be hard to believe, there are actually hundreds of words that use this tricky consonant. After you memorize the list above, do a search online to find a complete list of other words. Then take a small section of each of them and memorize them the same way. In no time you will have a whole list of names that you will be able to use.

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