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Should You Buy a Champion Generator?


When they spot the price difference of the Champion Generator versus a Honda Generator, for essentially the same wattage, they usually go, hmmm? The next question out of their mouth is, “Should I buy a Champion Generator?” Here is the answer to the question. I actually had to examine a number of variables before saying yeah or nay.

Who makes Champion Generators? This answer came directly from one of the VPs. Champion Power Equipment was founded in 2003. We are a US owned and operated company with our own manufacturing facilities in the Zehjiang province of China. We stand head and shoulders above our competitors by our commitment to quality throughout the engineering, quality assurance, manufacturing and customer service processes.

Here’s some other important information my team and I found out about the Champion Generator Line. Champion Generators has never had a recall. That says a lot because as you know, the generator business is fiercely competitive. Manufacturers are on tight deadlines to beat competitors to the punch with new models with the latest technological advances. Sadly, some companies release equipment prematurely. That is, they haven’t completed thorough (QC) Quality Control tests and/or Safety checks. Consequently, they end up having to recall, repair or refit thousands of units. Therefore, we are happy to announce that the Champion Generator Line has no recalls. That means they are doing something right!

The Champion Generator Customer Support is great! When our research team went back and pulled out the reviews we received from people who bought Champion Generators, we were kind of shocked. Why? First, we didn’t realize that we had received so many. They somehow slipped under our radar?

And, secondly, because almost everyone that had an issue and called the Champion Generator toll free tech support line had nothing but great things to say about the experience. Just to confirm, I had Mr. Lynch, one of my “Top Gun” generator evaluators, call their toll free tech support line and G-R-I-L-L one of their customer service reps. Their technician handled the questions like a pro and that’s saying a lot because Mr. Lynch pushes a few of my buttons every now and again.

So the question begs, “Should You Buy a Champion Generator?” Based on the numerous reviews that we receive and have researched, after you purchase a Champion generator, you’ll get a good product. If you ever have any problems, the folks at Champion Generators stand behind their generators and they won’t leave you hanging. If you need to call their tech support line, you’ll reach a human being who speaks English and knows what the heck they’re talking about.



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