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Silly String – Play Tag Like You’ve Never Played it Before


At a family reunion several years ago, my sister introduced us to a new game of tag called “Everybody’s It.” You start the game with everyone ‘it’, and the only way to get someone out is to touch them on the back. If they are tagged, they have to immediately sit down where they got tagged, and they are out for the duration of that particular round. The challenge, of course, is to get people on the back, and watch your own back at the same time. Pretty exciting. The games get over quickly so everyone can start again. So, why all this information, when really you just looking to buy some silly string? Well, think about this…after you have played a couple of time with just squirting the odd shooting foam around, then what are you going to do? Silly string is one of those inventions, like silly putty, that we just seem to like and want to play with.

Now, reflect on the above information and consider the options of incorporating silly string into a good game of “Everybody’s It.” This can be played with young and old alike. Some suggestions to get your game going.

Everyone will need their own can. Enlighten the players on the rules of the game, but let them know that instead of slapping people on the back to get them out, they have to spray people on the back. No physical contact allowed. There are a couple of different ways to do it. If you want a long standing game, including several rounds, then there will be two “out” options. First, if someone is sprayed on the back, then they immediately sit down and wait for the next round. The second “out” is when they run out of silly string. It really ups the ante when you may be a great player, but you shoot too much string. The last player

standing with string still in his/her can is the winner.

Establish boundaries. This is crucial because when there are only a couple of people left in the round, chasing them half way down the block is not a good option, nor is it fun for those waiting to start the next round, because it takes too long. The fun of this game is how quickly everyone can get back in, and the winner can be anyone who has a straight shot and is also quick enough to avoid being sprayed.

So, grab some string and let the games begin.

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