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Simple Tips for Faster Charging on Android, IPad, IPhone and Windows.

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The problem associated with charging is not an issue to be overlooked, as every device produced this 21st century needs the electric current flowing through its vains in order to keep it healthy and running. 

When we talk about charging we all know it involves the process of inserting a charger to a device to allow the free flow of electric current enabling the device to operate at it maximum capacity. The battery is an essential part of any operating system as it carries the weight of all its functionalities. And in recent times more devices with stronger batteries are being manufactured. 

All this being said, it would not come as a surprise to know that the time involved in recharging this stronger batteries would be longer. Not everyone including myself would have the patience to wait that long, as I’m always online. So I’ll be showing us simple tips to ensure a faster and healthy recharge. 

1} using the recommended charger :
In this case the factory made charger would be highly recommended, but in situations where that is not available, you should look for original chargers in publicly accepted online marketers like jumia and not just buying anything you see on the street and plugging to your device. It could be a dangerous move. 

2} Airplane mode :
Activating airplane mode when changing works like magic. Yes,  as it ensures no background network activities. 

3) Switching off the device:
Incases where you don’t have much use of the device at the moment, you can switch it off. It relaxes the device and ensuring free flow of charges. 

4)Removing and Reinserting the battery:
Atimes the device might be displaying a false charge as a result of over activities. If such a thing is observed, it’s advisable to remove and insert the battery. Or reboot the device. 

4) using recommend apps:
Using recommend apps like battery doctor, du battery saver etc, could help boost the charging capacity. This feature can easily be activated from the settings. 

I hope I have hinted you on some useful tips. If you have any other recommendations please add them in the comments box. 


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