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Simplified Details About Wholesale Dropshipping Business and SaleHoo


What is Wholesale dropship business?

Basically, this business is an interaction between online seller, dropshipper and customers. This is where online seller is able to market product that is not kept by them. Instead, dropship supplier is the one that is holding the products that online seller is marketing until it has been purchased by the customer. As online seller, the only that is in your shoulder is collecting payments and customer’s details like shipping name and address. You also have to design your website that will serve as your business venture. You need to make it promotional so that many customers will be enticed to do business with you.

Where are my profits?

Your pocketed profits are the difference of wholesale price and retail prices of the product. You are going to order a product to your dropshipper at wholesale rate. Once done, you are going to show it off to your customer using your website. You will display the photos of your chosen product niche together with its price and description. You can put your desired retail price. Yes, you have full control over the prices. The higher retail price you can place to you product, the bigger profit margin you are able to earn. However, since the competition is tight and many sellers are selling the same product, you should set competitive retail. It is better if you can offer great packages and discounts out of your product.

Where to get high quality dropship product and supplier?

To get high quality product and supplier, you can rely on to wholesale directory SaleHoo. SaleHoo offers listings of dropshipping companies that are reliable ad high quality. Most of listed suppliers in SaleHoo database are already screened and their reputation and background has been verified. SaleHoo staffs are also offering live forums where in topsellers and other online sellers are allowed to voice out their thoughts regarding with wholesale list, supplier and products.

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