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Solution to Etisalat Bblited unlimited non-connection

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I’ve gotten some compliants that the Etisalat Bblited unlimited has stopped working, so I did some research and found a back door to overcome this problem. Today’s article is about the solution to Etisalat Bblited unlimited.

Firstly goto ur phone/settings
Enter mobile networks >select Etisalat 
Create a new access point name 
In the apn name: put anything
» APN: blackberryx.net
» Proxy:
» Port: 8080
» Choose 1p4/p6
Then Launch Sypon Shield or Psiphon
Handler, in the handler menu:
» Change only the Proxy Server to: http://

Force close your Sypon Shield or Psiphon
Handler and restart again.
Instead of activating the data plan with
etisalat Bb10 Lite, (dlite) thts the one we
are currently using, just use Etisalat Bb10
Mid subscription code rather.

Etisalat BB10 MID is also part of Etisalat
BB10 data plan, currently working like
Etisalat BB10 Lite on Android devices
which can also be tethering to PC. It is
working flawlessly with the above APN
setting and the afformention Proxy

» For daily plan, SMS DMid to 399, cost
» For Weekly plan, SMS WMid to 399, cost
» For Monthly plan, SMS MMid to 399,
cost N1500
and mind you this one is not 70# for the
daily rather 100#

Start surfing and enjoy your usual
unlimited downloading!

If you still encounter any problems be free to use the comments box below. 


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