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Some Interesting Features Expected To Be Optimized In The New Samsung Galaxy S8

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Samsung has been having some ups and downs in recent days, and while some loyal customers have decided to abandon the brand, they still seem to wax stronger as they have introduced the Samsung Galaxy S8. I have personally highlighted some features I’m expecting would be in it.

A smartphone optimized for VR
That said, we are at the dawn of the VR era and all manufacturers who consider themselves innovators want to advance in this direction. Samsung will optimize their S7 (and perhaps even their S7 Edge) for virtual reality. Certainly, this means that the smartphone will be optimized for this technology but also that the screen technology will be significantly improved. They are counting on compatibility with DayDream and a superior user experience to the Pixel / Pixel XL.

Many people suffer from nausea during or after a VR session and, although this could be due to several factors, it’s obvious that pixelization doesn’t help. Samsung could introduce a 4K screen or a very high definition screen optimized for this technology. The disadvantage of high definition is that it uses a lot of battery power and forces us to recharge our phones more often.

A Smartphone with an improved battery life
Battery life is one of the major problems for smartphones today. Paradoxically, it’s one of the most important elements at the moment as we are always expecting more from our smartphones: improving performance, access to VR, prolonged usage, watching films/series… It’s the price you pay when you use your smartphone as a replacement for your PC.

In order to overcome this problem, several studies have been carried out to improve battery life. I’m thinking, for example, of the ultra-capacitor what was developed in Florida, but Samsung is also working on a system to improve battery life. The real question is knowing the dimensions, but it’s sure to be a high performance device.

A smartphone with artificial intelligence
Samsung is also interested in this new trend launched by Google and powered by chatbots. Samsung’s Vice President has said it will be an open platform and, according to what we have heard on the subject, it will allow us to manage the chatbots as well as the connected devices. If that’s not really enough to get people excited at the moment, then the concept of chatbots will make things more interesting.

Will Samsung’s AI do other things? It will obviously be integrated in Samsung’s ecosystem and must function with S-Health and other applications.

What do you expect from the Galaxy S8? Do you think it will be enough to win over the public? Drop your opinion in the comments below..


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