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Sony BDP-S3200 Review


The Sony BDP-S3200 is just above Sony’s entry-level model, but even so, it’s stacked with almost all the features that form part of the make-up of a premium Blu-Ray player. It offers high quality Blu-Ray playback, considerable file formats over USB, built-in ‘super’ Wi-Fi, DLNA streaming and access to the Sony Entertainment Network.

What’s missing is 3D support and 4K upscaling, but the latter is included in most 4K displays.


Attractive compact design

Good range of online content

Easy to use

TV SideView app

DVD Upscaling to Near HD Quality

Miracast Mobile Device Mirroring

Dolby TrueHD & DTS-HD Master Audio

Quick Start / Quick Load Mode


No 3D or 4K upscaling

XMB interface is outdated


The BDP-S3200 follows the same Sense of Quartz trend of the BDP-S3100 from last year. Measuring only 10.4 inches, it is very compact and suitable for most confined spaces. The top slopes down to the four corners and the shiny surface adds to it’s stylish look, but on the other hand it’s likely to pick up finger marks. On the top right corner you’ll find the power on and open/close buttons, while the front features a covered USB port and skinny disc tray with no display. You’ll have to rely on the onscreen display for operation.


Turn the player around and you’ll find only the fundamentals, a HDMI output, a coaxial digital audio output and an Ethernet port for DSL cable. This is on par with what is expected in this extremely competitive price range.

Specification & Features

Mirror Your Smartphone Content to Your Big Screen

Thanks to Miracast technology, you can mirror the content from your Smart device (smartphone or tablet) to your Smart TV. This enable you to share video clips, streaming video, games and much more to your Smart TV, without having to connect any wires.

Use Your Smartphone as a Remote Control and More With TV Sideview

The TV SideView app for iPhone or Android enables you to control the Sony with your smartphone or tablet, functioning as a remote control or a mouse for web browsing. When connected, just enter a four-digit code and you’re ready to go!

Fast Loading and Super Silent Running

Super Quick Start will boot-up your player in less than 2 seconds, while playing Blu-ray discs are smooth with faster loading than previous versions. The BDP-S3200 uses a sealed, dust-resistant mechanism, which cut down mechanical noise to a minimum.

Picture quality

Your collection of Blu-ray Disc movies can be enjoyed in Full HD (1080p), while the visual quality of normal DVDs can be upscaled to near HD quality.

Content and File Support

Sony’s Entertainment Network enables you to access more than 300 streaming services, including movies, TV shows, music from Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus, Pandora, BBC News, Amazon Instant Video, alongside Sony’s own Video and Music Unlimited services and much more.

Plug in a USB storage device into the USB port and enjoy a variety of video file formats, including MKV, AVC HD, MPEG, AVI, MP4, MOV, WMV and Xvid formats.

For photos and music, hop over to the other side of the XMB, where GIF, JPEG and PNG photo files as well as MP4, AIFF, FLAC, M4A, WAV, WMA and music are supported.

Remote Control

The remote feels solid in hand, with bulky arrow buttons that is nicely positioned for your thumb. Below the arrow keys you’ll find buttons for Home, SEN and Netflix. There are fewer buttons than previous versions which makes for a less crowded remote.

The BDP-S3200 uses the same Xross Media Bar home menu, which consists of two converging axes, with the categories running horizontally and the opposing options listed vertically. You use the arrow keys to quickly navigate between options.


It’s stylish and compact, with a wide spectrum of features. It will do a fantastic job of playing your Blu-Ray collection, but it lacks in the streaming media department of it’s competitors.

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