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Streaming live matches and TV on Android using Sybla and MX player

Are you a fan of live streaming videos? Or you just have excess data to play around with? Well, today I’ll be introducing an app called sybla TV which can answer your needs on live video streaming and kicking out boredom. 

Requirements for Watching live match with Sybla app using Android

1. Sybla, you need to download this app and Install it.

2. MX player . Sybla works together with MX player and it can’t work without it. So I advice you install MX player first before Sybla.

3. Some data. You may Ask, how Many MB[much data] does it take to watch one full match ? I can say about 170mb tops. If you wanna watch a match, I advice you subscribe to BbLited with Simpleserver .

Steps To Watch a Live Match using Sybla and MX player

1. After installation of the above mentioned apps

2. Put on your data and launch Sybla app

3. Wait for it to load. I have cause to believe that the time taken to load depends on your network strength . After loading, simply swipe to go to the page on the right.

3. You’ll find a lot of TV stations , just select the one showing the match you want to stream and it’ll automatically launch MX player.

4. It’ll take some time to load, again this depends on your network strength. After loading, simply touch the play key to start enjoying life match!

Can Sybla be used to watch other live Programmes?

I believe you can do that. Other TV series are available on Sybla.
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