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Teaching You How to Burn PS3 Games the Proper Way


With powerful new technology like the PlayStation 3, game burning has become even more complicated. Even if you’ve mastered burning games on other consoles, there are a few things you may need to know before you’ll be able to burn PS3 games just as effectively.

The first thing to understand is that due to the size and format of many PS3 games, you may need to upgrade to a Blu-Ray burner to burn the majority of PS3 games. The initially investment is this device will likely set you back a good bit of money, and aside from the ability to burn PS3 games, may not have all that many practical uses as of yet. As such, the decision to upgrade your burner may not be an easy one, but its a necessary step if you plan to burn PS3 games. Just remember that a Blu-Ray will likely be the game and movie format of choice for years to come, so your new burner will certainly pay back your initial investment over the coming years.

Next, your backup copies must be made with one of a few different programs available, which will add copy protection breaking files onto your new backup copy so it can be played on your PS3. Unlike some other systems where there’s a variety of different game copy or image copy software which can be used effectively, even free programs, the situation is currently quite different on the PS3.

To properly burn PS3 games, you must use one of these game copy programs specifically designed for burning PS3 games the proper way. These programs include game copy wizard and game copy pro. There is simply no other way to play backups on the PS3 at present (the system has not yet been cracked in any other way than through the use of these burning methods). If and when the PS3 gets cracked, and users can either hard mod or soft mod their systems, it may at that point open the door for different game copy software to be used.

As you can see, the PS3 is a little more complicated, and takes an initial investment that is largely than it is when copying games for any other system, but the rewards are very much worth it. With these elements in place, you can now burn the image files of any PS3 game using one of the above programs, and be able to play it without a hitch on your PlayStation 3. Owing to the size of most PS3 images, and the additional files which must be integrated into the disc by the game copy software programs, the burn will likely take a fair amount of time. Grab yourself a refreshment and a snack, and watch some TV or play your favourite game while the software works its magic.

It was thought that the PS3 would quickly be cracked by hackers, and easily modded so as to allow gamers to play their backup copies on their system, but this hasn’t been the case. Thankfully, through the methods described above, you can not only back up and burn PS3 games, but actually play them as well. And isn’t that the whole point after all?


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