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The new Apple iPad Pro is an unpleasant Downgrade of the previous

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What The ?… The New iPad Pro Has Only 2GB of RAM

Have you ever wondered what the specs of the new iPad is like?
Take it from me, it’s cool but the RAM its annoyingly small. It’s that small. And again, we’ve noticed some Downgrades on the app as compared to the last iPad released by Apple.

We’ll be having a look at the features and specs of the new iPad pro.

Downgrades in the new Apple tablet

After much clamoring and revellings about the Apple 9.7-inch iPad Pro, the iPad Pro is a tab that is intended as a PC replacement.

According to a tweet the Apple iPad Pro has only 2GB of RAM memory that is a straight 2GB drop from the Company’s 12.9 inch model which has a 4GB RAM and also the A9X processor chip is lower compared to the 12.9-inch model the A9x processor present on the new iPad Pro clocks in at 2.16GHz while the former 12.9-inch processor clocks in at 2.24GHz giving the 12.9 inch model an edge over the new version of the iPad Pro.

So, what’s up with Apple?

With all these degradations discovered on the latest Apple device we are sure Apple have a better explanation but if not then the new Apple iPad Pro should

What’s your take on the latest by apple? Use the comment box. 


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