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The Only Honest Way to Get Audio Interviews Transcribed


Here is what I do to get my audio interview transcribed. I have a wonderful transcriptionist who I met on the Elance. I remember I needed a bunch of audios transcribed, probably six years ago, I posted an ad, I met a lady named Trish, who’s in the south, and she has been transcribing my audio about 90% of the time.

I pay her about $60 for an hour’s worth of audio. So if I give her an edited audio recording that’s an hour long or an edited interview that’s an hour long, she’ll transcribe it word for word. She doesn’t do editing she just transcribes it word for word.

Then she will send me a transcript back in Microsoft Word and I have a template for her. She puts the footer in there and the header and she will send it back to me.

I’ve been real lucky to have a reliable transcriptionist who’s been with me over the years.

As you start your audio interview business you’ll want to build a team too and you’ll find reliable people and as long as you pay them and they do their work and you’re both happy, before you know it … I can’t believe it’s been five or six years, maybe seven years, she’s been doing transcription work for me and that’s how my whole team is.

My other assistant is Diane. She’s been with me four and a half years helping me out.

You will need to build a team if you’re going to get real serious about this as a business.

You have to understand that It’s either time or money. So as your time dwindles down, you may have to invest in your business and invest in outsourcing to do a lot of this for you and I think that’s a great way to go if you have the money to do it.

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