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The Perfect Waffle Maker For Your Home – The Waring Pro WMK 300 Waffle Maker


Choosing the perfect waffle maker can be a key decision for you and your family. Many families across the country love to eat waffles but maybe don’t have Waffle House restaurants in the area and thus make their own waffles. I know in my family every Sunday morning our tradition is to make our own homemade waffles with our own recipes and TLC (tender loving care).

Waring makes one of the most innovative, best waffle maker out there. Their unique design makes them one of a kind. The Waring Pro Waffle Maker is their top of the line product and is extremely elegant looking. It is made out of one hundred percent stainless steel for a rugged, polished look. It has a unique pocket where the waffles are cooked. It is especially good for cooking Belgian waffles since this pocket is extremely deep. This means thicker waffles when you cook with it.

It has a unique rotary design that allows you to turn the waffle on its top and bottom to promote even cooking and browning. Everyone has had waffles that are undercooked and rubbery tasting, but this feature allows the waffle baker to make crispy waffles. You can make the waffles as dark or light as you want with their state of the art browning knob. The machine comes with a beeping noise to let you know when it is ready to put the waffles in while you preheat it, as well as when the waffles are done.

Waring also offers one year limited warranties for defects. Overall, if you are looking to make Belgian waffles, you cannot go wrong with a Waring Pro Belgian Waffle Maker. The Waring Pros best model out there is the Waring Pro WMK300 waffle maker. It has most of the features and more that were listed above. It is one of the best waffle machines on the market. For under one hundred dollars (usually, sometimes it is priced above one hundred dollars), it is an excellent buy and you cannot go wrong if you choose it.

Some of my friends actually have this machine and I called them to ask what they thought of the machine. The consensus was that even non cookers could use this machine, it is that easy, and that the waffle quality coming off of the machine is incredible. The Waring Pro Professional Belgian Waffle Maker is a must buy. There are so many reasons as to why one should buy it, but one would be hard pressed to make a case why one should not buy a Waring. They are internationally known for not just their waffle machines, but their other products as well.

The name Waring comes as a brand name that a consumer can trust. Be advised, due to this great brand name, in a store you will be paying a premium for their product. Your best bet would be to go online at a large site that sells at wholesale, cheaper prices. Amazon is one example of this and it can save you hundreds of dollars off of the restaurant version and more high end waffle makers.

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