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The Top 20 Reasons Why Sales Reps Fail at Cold Calling


1. You have a bad attitude and your prospects are turned off by you.

2. You do not understand that sales is a process and that it may take more than just one contact to reach your prospect and even more contacts to close a sale!

3. You are not doing any research prior to each cold call being made.

4. You are leading your sales calls with your product or service and not uncovering solutions through engaging and skillful questioning.

5. You are speaking too often with your prospect’s gatekeeper or screener. Find ways to bypass them.

6. You are obsessive and compulsive and making too many cold calls rather than just making a few qualified cold calls.

7. You are contacting the wrong type of prospect.

8. You are contacting the wrong decision-maker.

9. You are not setting enough sales appointments.

10. You are not preparing proposals after each sales visit with your prospect.

11. You have been used to other sales reps feeding you leads and now you are on your own.

12. You create little interest on your opening sales call and you sound too much like a robot.

13. You are not prepared for every sales objection.

14. You perceive cold calling as a useless activity rather than as a strategic activity.

15. You are not actively brainstorming new business strategies of what is working, not working and what could be working?

16. You are not taking time out to learn your product or service on a consistent basis.

17. You are not motivated and need to increase your energy levels.

18. You are not using contact management software like ACT! or Salesforce.com

19. You are talking more than listening. Ever wonder why you have 2 ears and one mouth?

20. You don’t want to succeed or just don’t understand what it takes to be #1.

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