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The Volvo S80 – Has "Company Car" Written All Over It


The average sales rep or executive will tell you that one of the most important factors of their careers is to make a good impression. This can be referred to the suit you’re wearing, the way you have your hair cut, but more than ever, the car you drive. The executive car has got to look the part, as well as being a great endurance machine with reliability as a paramount concern. These days the recession has put pressure on businesses to cut back on all their budgets, so wildly expensive company cars are not part of a viable business model. So what company car do you choose when you need style, performance, reliability, but at a price tag that won’t leave your balance sheet looking rather blank? Consider the Volvo S80.

The Volvo S80 definitely ticks the aesthetic boxes. The model I tested came in silver and its sleek lines made it look like the kind of vehicle The Silver Surfer would drive if he gave up superpowers and decided to get a job as a Senior Executive at a Blue-chip company. It was also an immensely pleasurable place to sit; the plush surroundings and impressive dashboard gives the impression of class and quality that belie the modest price-tag.


The Volvo S80 I tried, the 2.0 Litre Petrol version, was an extremely pleasurable drive. The four cylinder engine makes the right sounds when you push it and gets the power down on to the tarmac, but remains a very calm and smooth ride. In demographic terms, this is perfect for the target market; executives.


Volvo have an unrivalled reputation for safety and reliability, which must surely be a major plus point when considering the Volvo S80 as a company car. It combines the ability to make a great visual impression, whilst maintaining the kind of grace and dignity in performance terms to give you a very pleasurable drive.

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