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This Latest WIFI WPS WPA tester for Android helps you view WiFi passwords and No root access required

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Your device might be connected to a WiFi network but you may not know the password or might have forgotten it. Then, with the help of WiFi WPS WPA tester, you can easily maneuver your way into the router and recover your WiFi password.

WIFI WPS WPA TESTER for android is an application designed to recover WiFi password for connected devices, as it can locate as many router as possible and provide users with the password to the connected ones.

With the help of this app, as your device is still connected to the network, you can easily view the password of the router your device is connected to.

Normally, this application requires root access, but seems like the recent version of the app works on Lollipop and marshmallow devices without requesting for root access.


Price: Free

Android version: 4.0 and above

Malware scan: Certified            

This app only uses router property which doesn’t go against any law. So, feel free to download the original version of the app from Google play store and do let me know if you encounter any difficulty making use of the app. feel free to share this content with friends on social networks.



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