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This Superman Crystal Can Help You Store Data For Millions Of Years

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If you are familiar with the ‘Superman’ movies, then crystals shouldn’t also be strange to you. Recently some researchers in the UK have gone extra miles to develop a way of storing large digital data files inside tiny structures contained in glass.

The storage technology is so stable and safe that it can survive for billions of years.That’s a lot longer than your average computer hard drive. This device doesn’t take the shape of the normal ‘Superman krypton’ crystals we are all used to, instead they take the shapes and forms of tiny glass discs that were already used to store historic documents like the Bible.

Each disc can hold up to 3600 gigabytes of data -the equivalent of 22,500 basic iPhones.
The wizardry involved is invisible to the human eye. The scientists use a sophisticated laser to encode the information into minuscule formations, known as nanostructures, inside fused quartz.
The structures alter the way light travels through the glass, allowing the data to be read by special optical devices.

The researchers call the data storage 5D, because the information is translated into five different dimensions of the nanostructures, which includes their height, length, width, orientation and position. This technology would go into commercialization once the researchers have gotten enough sponsors.

What do you think of this brilliant technology?


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