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Throw a Sweet Sixteen Party That She’ll Remember for a Lifetime


Turning sixteen is a huge milestone for teenage girls. Not only in most states can they drive when sixteen but it also symbolizes growth and independence into adulthood. Celebrate this momentous occasion by playing these games at a Sweet Sixteen Party.

Teenage Trivia

Test the girls to see how sharp they are with current events. Instead of making this out to be a political science lesson, revolve the questions around current pop culture events to determine who the hippest diva of them all is. Before the party, gather a tabloid or two and check some internet Hollywood websites. Read up on topics that are interesting to teenage girls. At the party, hand out answer sheets and read the questions aloud. The girl who gets the most correct wins!


Before the party, write several teenage themed topics on pieces of paper. Include titles of movies, books, television shows and celebrities that are popular with teenage girls. Divide the guests into two groups and have one player from a team draw a slip of paper with the clue written on it. Their goal is to get their team to guess the clue without using any words! They can dance, or use objects but cannot speak, sing or hum! When the timer rings or the correct answer is given it’s the opposing team’s turn to play. The winning team will have guesses the most clues after three rounds!

Celebrate your teen’s peak teenage years by throwing a Sweet Sixteen party to remember!

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