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Top 5 Web Designing Tips


Everyone wants or needs a website. Sad thing is that too many people actually do. And there are so many ugly sites out there and so few actually attractive ones. But the main things that you use the following web designing tips to help out the look and functionality of your site.

1. Choose the right colors. This seems simple and obvious, but so many people choose colors that they like instead of colors that are attractive and easy to read and look at. If you have a text-heavy site like a blog or lots of words, use a white background with black text. This is the easiest to read. Don’t use bright colors or dark backgrounds. Also make sure that the colors are attractive to your audience in that you aren’t using pink and purple if your audience is Wall Street Stock Traders. In that case, you should probably use green.

2. Have a main focus of your site and then smaller sections. If people get on your site and don’t know what the focus is, they will look around and never sit on one thing. Attract their eyes to one spot then have them naturally move to another part. Like most blogs have a main article, a main navigation bar to other main pages, then a sidebar with links to other smaller parts of their site. Keep those 3 parts since they are essential to navigating the web.

3. Keep the layout throughout the entire site. Basically make sure that every page matches the page before it. If someone is looking around and clicks on something that doesn’t look similar to where they were, they will think that they are on a different website and that alone screams that it is a scam. People do not like that and will immediately go somewhere else.

4. Show people with pictures. People like pictures, and they relate to what they see. So let them look at things instead of reading. And the more professional the pictures, the more professional it will connect to you. Spend the money to use stock photos on a site like istockphoto.com or a similar site.

5. Have a theme and stick with it. The problem most home owners miss when they design their interior is keeping with a theme. If you have sections of the house that are country styled, then the modern desk and stereo equipment will look out of place. The same goes with your website. If you have a minimalistic feel to your site, do not use a fancy font as the headlines. They will look extremely out of place. This also goes for the photos and and colors of your site.

If you keep these 5 web design tips in mind before you start your website, you will be miles ahead of most web designs. And make sure you know what you have in mind before you start, because it is always harder to change after you have started.

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