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Top Free Applications to Download From Google Playstore

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There are two types of apps available in the Google PlayStore: free and paid apps. You obviously obtain or download what you pay for, but most paid apps simply just work without any irritating pop-up apps or in-app purchase options.

However, there are moments when paid apps are offered for free for a limited time, but this happens on specific occasions as deemed fit by the developer.

Today we’ll be giving out a compiled list of the top free to download apps from Google playstore.
1. WhatsApp 
This is a top notch social networking app that’s free to download from playstore. If you have not signed up with them and yet require a good boredom killer app, then this is your go to.. Some new features to keep you glued to your screen such as stories, group chat etc.

2. Facebook 
When you talk of interest, interaction, communication and community support, then this is the most efficient and reliable application that can offer you all this and more. The fun doesn’t just end as you have the option to scroll infinitum and discover fun activities. Facebook also has a standalone messaging app called messenger which helps you to chat faster with friends and acquaintances. 

3. Telegram 
Do you want a fast and easy way to get in touch with your friends and customers? Give you a high level of flexibility and control? Then Telegram is your best pick. The features embedded in this app is far more than you can find on others. Thus keeping the fun unending. LoL…

4. Instagram 
Where are the photo lovers! Here’s something for you… Instagram gives you the opportunity to display your photography capabilities. The joy of Instagram is if you have gathered a large number of followers then you will be able pass your message across easily and making it sweeter. 

5. Twitter 
This app is really a fun app for people who loves to follow trends and keep up with them. Here, most industries, individuals, companies and cooperations, updates it before even going live on other platforms due to the speed of dispersion. So if you love keeping up with trends try out Twitter. 

6. Snapchat 
Snapchat is another beautiful way to showcase your photography skills and experience, and also give different series of filters to make your interactive sessions more enjoyable and fun. 

6. Tiktok
This is an app that ensures that you never have to run out of interesting videos to keep you entertained all day long. You also have the option to upload your own and get followers and possibly even go viral. 

7. Google Applications 
Why I summarized them into one is because Google has given the opportunity to sync all their services with just one account. This services includes Youtube, Gmail, Blogger, Google search, Adsense, Google Photos and many others.

Thanks for reading, if you also have other suggestions of free apps please include them in the comments section below. 


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