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Transfer Files Wirelessly Between Smart Devices And PC

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There are times when you have some important files to transfer from your android to PC or otherwise and also your Bluetooth or USB cord fails to work with the system. This is a very common situation with aging laptops.

Wireless Transfer of Files from a smart device to PC and Vice versa

Whenever such situations occurs, you may find yourself asking questions like 
How do I transfer files to and from Android phones without usb cable? 

How do I transfer files to and from Android phones without Bluetooth? 

Good news is, that’s the question we’ll answer in this thread. 

We can achieve file transfer between Android phones and PC with the use of an application ed file Expert. It makes your work easier. 

File Expert is the one of the best apps that can make this kind of transfer possible. Download Updated version of File Expert on google playstore.

Requirements for android-PC file transfer 

For you to be able to do transfer files between your PC and your Android phone , I assume that:

You have an android, and you have at least a little knowledge on how to use it.
You have an access to a computer that has a wireless connection.

You’ve already downloaded the FTP app.

So, How Do I Transfer files with File Expert on between Android and PC

First, install the file expert app you downloaded on your android device. If you haven’t download it,you should do just that. 

STEP 1: Turn on the wireless of both your android and PC

STEP 2: Open the app and select the my tools option.

STEP 3: Click share my contents

STEP 4: Click share via FTP, it will open a new interface.

STEP 5: Turn the share via FTP on by clicking the button.

STEP 6: There is an address in that page, copy it or write it down somewhere.

STEP 7: You will also need to copy the username and password somewhere. 

STEP 8: Now, go to your “My Computer” (you can do that by pressing the window button and E together at the same time).

STEP 9: Type the address you copied down on the location you described in the image below, and then press enter.

STEP 10: A small window will pop up for you to input the username and the password, input the details as you noted them down before and click log on. 

You will then be given access to your phones external storage (if available) and also your internal storage.

With this you can copy files from your android to PC and vice-versa. 

Now, You have been able to perform a file transfer and possibly a large one without USB cable through wireless method [File Expert]


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