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Using Gestures and Motions on the Samsung Galaxy S III


The Samsung Galaxy S III has a lot of surprises in store and many user utility functions, beneficial for all users. Things like gestures and motions are two such essential features that can help you organize your Home Page and make use of other features. Additionally, you will be able to use the zoom feature and Pan Functionality via the Motion Menu.

Let us find out how to use gestures and motions.

Using the Motion Menu

Initially if you need to use gesture controls you need to go to the Motion Menu for this purpose. To reveal the Motion Menu go to Notifications drawer, tap Settings, scroll down to locate Motion, and tap to reveal the Motion Menu.

For organizing your Home Screen, you can utilize the options that are given in the menu. Understanding how to use gestures and motions will help you manage things easily including turning on/off of functionality. First, you need to ensure that that Motion is turned on to enable controlling the other components.

Making a Direct Call

The easiest functionality to enable is that of making a direct call. Go to your contacts and select the contact. Now bring it closer to your face, Samsung Galaxy S III will recognize the command and dial the contact.

Smart Alert Functionality

Your Smartphone is powered with a feature that enables in recognizing your gestures. For example, as soon as you are done using your Samsung Galaxy S III, it turns off the backlight of the screen. This is called Smart Alert. It also vibrates the device and alerts the user whenever you miss a call or receive messages.

Tap to Go to Top

Tap to Top is a feature that will show you the first message in the Inbox. This function is helpful whenever you are mailing or you need to find someone in the Contacts. For example, you are already in the middle of a list but need to go back to the top, just tap the top of the phone and you are at the top of the e-mail message list. The only difference is that unlike other phones, you are not tapping the display top; you are tapping on the top of the phone. However, this functionality is only available for contacts and e-mail app.

Tilt Device to Zoom

Zooming is made easy with the Samsung Galaxy S III. As opposed to the gesture command, where you needed to pinch to activate the zoom functionality, on this you only need to tilt your phone to zoom. While you are looking at a picture or a webpage, simply tap, hold down and tilt to zoom in or zoom out.

Pan Function

In an Android powered device when you want to move objects in the Home screen then you tap and drag it across to another screen. Other things involve a Pan in function by holding the icon and moving your phone to right or left. The home screen too moves along the direction from right to left. As soon as you find the screen where you want to place the app, release it.

Enable the Pan functionality for image browsing to help you with moving images. Tap and hold on the screen, move your device in any direction for the desired effect. Shake to update.

Certain apps like Email, News and Weather are designed to update their information when you simply shake your phone.

The Mute or the Pause functionality

The Silent mode is a must-have function that is required when you are about to attend a meeting or take a break. Muting the device is the best option. It also comes handy when you are tuned into music or playing games on your device, an incoming call will not make a buzzing sound. Additionally, the media will pause whenever you turn the device.

Palm Swipe function

The Palm Swipe function can be used for taking a screen shot. Just swipe your palm across the screen and take a screenshot. Additionally, you can mute an incoming message tone, pause a song or a video by covering the screen of your phone with your palm.

Using Gestures and Motions makes it easy to perform various functions. Moreover, instead of following the conventional steps for moving icons, it is much more convenient as well if you know how to use the given features.



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