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Web Design and Graphic Design – The Gap is Closing


The answer to what separates graphic design and web design is complex and has been argued for a long time. At first, it may be difficult to tell the difference between them especially for companies which are moving from a print & multimedia based design firms to web based design companies. In my opinion, you can compare both web designing and graphic designing to ‘fraternal twins’, who may share few similarities but by and large have more dissimilarities. These differences can be so significant that doing both, graphic and web design without proper know-how can leave you looking like a fool.

Graphic design includes design of logos and print design. These can include advertisements, magazines, newspaper layouts, newspaper advertisements, billboards, corporate identity logos, brochures, books, CD labels & booklets, movie posters etc. The graphic design designers are expected to have knowledge about color theory, typefaces and how to make any image look attractive. The profession of graphic designing is an old one and has existed for centuries whereas web designing is a 20th century phenomenon. It made its presence in early nineties with the emergence of internet. It was a new medium for most graphic design designers. It included parts of graphics designing process but most of these web site design projects would necessitate the knowledge of certain web based languages like HTML (scripting language used for building a web page), XML, CSS, etc.

Off late the differences between web designers and graphic designers have been reducing. Just like a movie, website designing is not all about having special effects and amazing visuals. A good story or content is a must for its success. This balance between content and esthetics is important. As the World Wide Web is evolving & moving towards web 2.0, graphic designers too have updated their technical knowledge to stamp their presence and are reducing the gap that technology had created between them and the web designers. They are not shying away from undertaking web site design projects and are erasing the thin line of difference in mindset, knowledge & skill set that had existed earlier.

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