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What to Look For in an Offshore PHP Web Development Company

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This article revolves around PHP as the programming language of choice for outsourcing of php web development work or hiring offshore PHP programmers.

Outsourcing has obvious cost benefits but it is not an easy task to decide on which company to go with for your web development work.

You can make a wise decision if you get satisfying answers to most of the questions raised below:

  • How much experience  does the company have developing PHP based web applications? A decent experience of over 4-5 years should be acceptable
  • What enterprise and medium size PHP web applications have been developed by the company? Ask for live sites. Make sure they do not have just a few web apps under their belt
  • Client Testimonials and References. Do they have those, talk to the clients mentioned
  • What tools do they use in their development environment? See if they use industry standard tools or not. Licenced tools is a good indication sof company investing in right tools for the business
  • Are PHP programmers at the company involved with any open source project? This would give a strong indication of company’s commitment to PHP
  • What revision control and testing tools are being used by the company
  • Which version of PHP are they more comfortable with? Adept at both 4.x and 5.x is a good indication of experience and remaining in touch with the latest stuff
  • Any frameworks they use for rapid development? If they name a few like CapePHP etc., then that means there is an approach towards minimizing mistakes and switching to standard way of development
  • Have they developed N-Tier applications and if yes what did they use as a template engine. Smarty of other names mentioned would give you a good indication of if they ha really worked on this
  • What are the work timings
  • How will the developer or the team communicate with you? If there is a single point of contact in the form of a project manager then it is really good

Now that you know what to ask your software outsourcing company, go ahead and outsource your php web projects.

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