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What’s it Like Working Offshore Jobs?


Offshore jobs are the oil and gas industry jobs to grab, if you want to earn good money and enjoy working on a rotating schedule. The expenses are taken care of by the company, accommodation and catering is excellent and best of all, the pay is fantastic. Onshore oil field jobs would be the ideal place to gain experience and then apply for a position on an offshore rig. The pay is superior to that in the onshore market and the amount of leave you receive is well worth the hard work. Believe me, it is hard physical work. Are you up for it? Let’s see.

There seems to be a misconception that you need to be in the gas or oil industries to apply for offshore jobs. Bear in mind that all the drillers, cleaners, painters, roustabouts and management staff, all need to be taken care of. On an offshore rig the accommodation provided is usually up to hotel standards. This perk alone needs someone to do the cleaning and laundry.  The catering provided is also excellent and available 24 hours a day. So if you are a chef or kitchen hand there may be a job opportunity on an offshore rig for you.

If you want to get into the serious physical labour side, the true oil rig job, then it is recommended that you first apply for work on an onshore rig. This way you build up a wealth of experience before joining an offshore drilling team. There is no rule that says that you have to work onshore before moving offshore but it would be beneficial to your career. On a marine rig the entry level job would be that of painter or cleaner. This is where your responsibility would be to keep the rig in perfect condition. Constant painting is needed to prevent rust from corroding the structure. This is sheer physical labour which has to be done in all weather. You would also be expected to help out with any other jobs that are needed.

Another entry level oil rig position would be that of roustabout or lease hand which would including cleaning of the rig, keeping it hazard free and a general hard labour position. If anything needs moving lifting or fixing, you’re the one who will be responsible for it. This is one of the offshore jobs that can lead to promotion quite swiftly, as you’re working with the more senior members of the team. You’ll be working with roughnecks and in some instances senior members of the drill team. If you’re ambitious and plan to make a career out of the oil and gas industries, this is the entry level job to strive for.

Offshore jobs are not easy. They’re exhausting and can be downright terrifying. That being said, if living on the edge is your scene and earning dollops of money is your aim, then you couldn’t have picked a more exciting or rewarding career! You’ll be cared for…every physical need met, and you get seriously fit, really quickly and at the end of the day walk away with enough money to set yourself up in any business you choose, or just kick back and enjoy a well deserved retirement. The choice is yours, so check out what we have for you below…

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