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Where to Search for a Genuine Dropship Wholesaler


Any reselling business owner knows how important it is to establish a good relationship with a trusting and reputed dropship wholesaler. But to find one is not always easy. Here are a few sources and tips that will help you locate a dropshipping company that meets your requirements.

1. Search Engines

The first source to check out your options is, naturally, a search engine. Type the relevant to your business keywords along with the phrase “dropship wholesaler”. Try a few different combinations (search also “dropship company”, “dropshipper”, “wholesale distributor” and so on). Be ready to rummage in endless links, but keep cool: most of the fantastic offers come from middlemen who are not real dropshippers. Don’t make your decision in haste, otherwise you may regret later.

2. Forum Posts

This is where you can get some invaluable information from real people who judge by their own experience. You can simply read the posts or, alternatively, post your own question and wait for the community help. Normally, people are glad to share the information.

3. eBay

Of course, your competitors will never disclose the information on the dropship wholesaler they use. But what you can do is to make a small purchase in order to trace the manufacturer (look for shipping labels and/or return address on the package). You may need to perform additional search to get the contact details of the company, but it shouldn’t be a problem

4. Classified Ads

Quite often, dropship wholesalers advertise in local and national newspapers. Check classified section regularly (classified ads of popular national newspapers are published online as well).

5. Trade shows and Exhibitions

If online search hasn’t brought the desired results, you might need to do some legwork and check out trade shows and exhibitions in your area. Though the method is time-consuming and still doesn’t guarantee success, you might meet people who can recommend a trustworthy dropship company or, at least, give you a clue where to search.

6. Dropship Wholesaler Directories

Online directories that list dropship suppliers are plentiful and varying from great true sources to unabashed frauds. It means, you have to be careful if you decide to choose one. A good genuine directory can be a golden mine for any reseller as it lists even those dropship wholesalers who are not indexed by search engines (some don’t have a website at all), as well as the range of products and prices, making it possible to compare and find the best deal.

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