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Wholesaler & Dropshipper Sources – How To Find Them?


If you’re thinking of investing your time and efforts into an eCommerce business, perhaps this is the best time to make that decision. Online consumer spending has never been as sky high as it is today, ever since the inception of the internet, and with a vastly growing trend of online shopping, people are showing a mounting interest in logging into their home computer to make purchases as opposed to the conventional trip down the mall. This is the single biggest reason why there are literally thousands of small and medium online businesses that have been set up by individuals just like yourself, and now operating very profitable online retail stores. These vary from eBay and Amazon stores to full blown eCommerce websites. The secret behind their success? It’s in their wholesale supplier list! Little did you know that those hard-to-find, profitable wholesalers are like gems in a golden basket…all found directly in ‘some’ reputable wholesale directories!

One big advantage of joining a ‘good’ wholesale directory is the endless and growing lists of updated wholesale suppliers and dropshippers that are genuine. The good directories scam bust through all the fraudsters to recommend ‘real’ wholesale suppliers that actually do offer outstanding prices where profit can easily be made. A second advantage is the help and support you get from them. If you are unsure of anything, or still can’t find the right suppliers that stock the products that you’re looking for, then a quick email will get them on their toes. They’ll reply back with a manually selected list of suitable suppliers that offer the items you are searching for.

Although signing yourself up with a ‘reputable’ wholesale directory is absolutely essential and the best place to find genuine wholesale distributors, there are a vast number of free wholesale directories and some very dodgy ones you should be careful about. The reason being, is some sites that are meant to be wholesale directories have countless numbers to middle-men and fraud companies that enlist themselves all over those freely available directories, which is a clear danger and a potential accident waiting to happen should you decide to purchase goods from those illegitimate suppliers.

So now we can understand and appreciate the significant importance of using a wholesale directory as opposed to the conventional means of looking up wholesalers from a quick Google search. You don’t just join any wholesale directory since there are dozens out there, but only a handful of those are actually worthwhile and recommended. Remember to stay away from ‘free’ wholesale directories since they are saturated with middle-men and fraud companies that sell illegal and counterfeit brands that will get you into legal trouble. The best way to find out ‘which’ wholesale directory is right for you and the products you’re after is to read up on wholesale directory reviews, where you can quickly get an inside scoop of what different wholesale directories are like and which is the best.

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