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Why Ads.txt Is A Necessity for All Publishers

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What is ads.txt? 
Ads.txt is a major brand safety tool developed by IAB Tech Lab to fight inventory fraud and improve transparency in the world of digital advertising. It essentially labels who is and isn’t approved to sell traffic from a website. It guarantees that your website inventory is protected from fraud and is sold only through “authorized advertising systems.”

Because publishers sell inventory on a variety of channels, ads.txt supports three main types of supplier relationships: Domain owners that sell on exchanges through their own accounts, networks and sales houses who programmatically sell on behalf of domain owners, and content syndication partnerships where multiple authorized sellers represent the same inventory.

Why is ads.txt important?
Ads.txt is a necessity for all publishers. By putting the file on their site that says which companies can sell inventory, it gives complete permission control thereby making it more difficult for fraud to occur. Using an ads.txt file provides publishers with more advertiser spend be eliminating the potential for fraud inventory.

Best Practices
Depending on your site audience size you may have a different best practice to adhere too. Most publishers need to increase income and advertiser demand and prices on their site and therefore work with many ad vendors and add many ads.txt files to increase competition and income. This is perfectly acceptable and there is no downside to doing so. Other very large publishers limit their ads.txt additions to manage sales force competition and conflicts. Depending on your objective will determine the best practice.

How to implement ads.txt

Setting up an Ads.txt file in blogger blog:

STEP 1: Go to Blogger dashboard

STEP 2: On left-handed menu; choose “Settings”

STEP 3: Click “Search preferences”

STEP 4: You will see new option at the bottom side of right pane “Monetization”

STEP 5: You will see “Custom ads.txt” option to edit.

STEP 6: Add the settings provided by all your 3rd party Ad networks and “Save” settings.

STEP 7: You then able to check the Ads.txt file by going to the URL like “https:www.yourwebsiteurl.com/ads.txt”

Follow steps to setup ads.txt into WordPress:

1. Open And Create Ezoic Account
You must have Ezoic account to add the ads.txt file at your website. Publishers can generate their own ads.txt file directly in Ezoic Ad platform for Publisher to know who is authorized to sell their inventory. Once an ads.txt file has been generated & hosted at the root level domain, it will be publicly accessible and crawlable by buyers, advertisers, third-party vendors, and exchanges.

Moreover, Ezoic is Google certified program specially designed for you to make more revenue with your Adsense. So you don’t have to worry about Ezoic.

You must read to know how to install Ezoic into website read this.

Ezoic allows you to quickly generate and implement ads.txt for your domain.


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